Black Genocide in America!!

Yes, in America! Genocide is occurring within the black or African-American race! You might be thinking something similar to the genocide in many different parts of Africa. I speaking of something much similar but different in method. Black Genocide is occurring in America because 1 out of 2 black unborn babies are at risk of being ABORTED! 4,000 children are being aborted in America every day! Many races are being aborted, but what sets the African-American race apart, as to why many are calling it Genocide, is because, every other races abortion statistics are decreasing, but Black abortions are INCREASING! To quote a wise man of God, Rod Parsley, he stated that “the most dangerous place for a black baby is in its mother’s womb!”

Profound statement I believe, considering the statistics. Aids, the number on killer of blacks, added to number 2, Cancer, Diabetes and Violent Crime, has took many lives. Statistics show that if you add the lives these has taken plus the 150 years of lynching and civil rights deaths, multiply these numbers by 18 and you still won’t reach the total amount of black abortion deaths we reached in America!

If you research the history behind Planned Parenthood and its founder, Margaret Sanger, you will see that Planned Parenthood and the pro-abortion founders, founded this institution as a population control and genocide agenda for minorities, disabled and those they felt were not worthy to live in huge numbers. Despite what the media and law makers might tell you, Abortion was never meant to be about woman’s rights but elite rights, population control and genocide. Have you wondered why most Planned Parenthood’s are located in low income, minority communities? Why they advertised aggressively in these areas? Why our government continue to fund these institutions, inspite of the fact that the majority of American tax payers ARE against abortion? Simply, its not about us! Its about their agenda towards the common people of America! For more info, please go to

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About Beauty As Designed

I am a Christian daughter of Yahweh, wife and mother of 4 of the most beautiful and awesome kids! I love the Lord Jesus and cherish each and every day He allows me to live and grow. I love taking care of my family, blogging, singing, writing and the word of God. This world is such an enormous place. I believe that just a little bit of laughter and light can transform our world into a place that brings glory to the Lord Most High. I enjoy finding out new ways to make my life and the lives of other women more efficient, economical and beautiful. I enjoy gaining godly wisdom in new area's. I love helping others to see the joy of all aspects of life and live the abundant life that Jesus came for them to life. I love ALL things natural...natural hair, healthy living & recipes, fitness, fashion and DIY projects and crafts. Learning to experience God's fullness in every area...spirit, soul and body, is my goal:)

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