Is YOUR Mane Tamed?

Is your Mane or ‘hair’ tamed? Fly away hair, frizzed fried hair and ultimately unruly hair? I fact is that mine is definitely UNTAMED! I have natural, black or African-American hair and it’s very dry, dull and course, in its natural state. They categorize our hair by types(depending on its curl pattern). The ‘curlier’ or ‘nappier’ the strand is, the more courser it is. My is a mixture between 4 and 4c, which is somewhere towards the ‘curlier’ or courser hair.

Every race of people have this type of hair in their alignment of ‘hair categories’. Each group of nationalities also have what mite be considered good and bad attributes, about their natural hair. One negative for me and my hair is that it is often ‘untamed’ and unruly, which sometimes require a strict regime to ‘tame’ it. Other women of color might have different views or opinions regarding this and their hair. But guess what, I LOVE MY HAIR!!

Though it often takes discipline to, stick it out and not revert back to chemicals, such as the ‘RELAXER’.
I’m learning how to embrace and nurture my natural hair. Besides, its the only hair I have. I have to take care of it. If you take care of your hair, your hair will take care of you! There are tremendous amounts of information on hair care, maintenance and routines available. A oil that has been used for centuries on unruly hair is Avocado Oil. Regardless of your race, ethnicity or nationality, your hair can healthy, nurtured, tamed and not unruly.

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