The NAPPTURAL’s Creed!

A Napptural’s Creed
  • Napptural chic’s are fierce, bold and a FORCE to be wreckened with! Some might call us “REVOLUTIONARY“.Our hair texture is versatile, agile and fluid, making it one of the best kind of textures to have, in the WORLD! Love it, embrace it!
  • Natural hair is “UNIQUE” in that it can be styled a variety of ways. Your options are limitless. Some might try to lock “natural hair” into a box…..DON’T LET THEM! Do not believe the hype! Natural black hair(as well as other naturally curly hair types) can grow to LONG, LONG lengths.
  • Have confidence in who and HOW God created you to be. Embrace your natural hair and KNOW that it is beautiful. Others will sense and feed off of your self-esteem and confidence. This will help others around you, who might not agree or “feel” your natural hair, understand, feel, accept and start seeing it for what it truely is…BEAUTIFUL!
  • Refuse to “RELAPSE!” Coming from a previous “relapser”, refuse to give in to returning to relaxers or the “creamy crack”. Have a sound resolve within yourself to be dedicated and determined to grow your naturally, healthy hair. You’ll love yourself(and your hair will love you) for it!
  • Know that all hair is different. If you compare your hair to someone else’s, you will become frustrated. There are various hair types, lengths and textures and no one has the EXACT same hair. This is what makes us all uniquely different from one another.
  • Patience is the “holy grail” of natural hair culture. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed out over your hair or how its growing. Know that with applying proper methods and guess what..PATIENCE.. your hair will blossom into the best hair that you could imagine. Also, stress can word adversely against your hair. Stress can lead to thinning, damage and bald area’s within the scalp.
  • Lifestyle is critical. Having a healthy lifestyle means drinking plenty of WATER, eating a HEALTHY DIET, EXERCISING and MANAGING STRESS levels. All of these factors play an important role in growing long, healthy, natural hair. Remember: healthy hair begins on the INSIDE! One of the best ways that I reduce stress is by PRAYER & Mediation on the Scriptures! Can’t get enough of it!
  • Moisture, moisture and moisture! You’ve probably seen this fact repeated numerous times on natural hair sites and blogs but its SO true! Water loves your hair and natural hair LOVE’S WATER! Give your hair moisture through one of the best moisturizing agents known to man, WATER! You do not have to go spending hundreds of dollars on moisturizing products, you can opt for simple H20 and a sealant.

Eccentric or Just Natural?

Since I’ve decided to let go of my addiction to ‘creamy crack’, I’ve received and experienced so many different reactions from others. Of course, I’ve received a tremendous amount of positive and edifying insights, reactions and assurances from fellow naturals but from others….that’s a mixed review. Friends of mine, as well as others who are still dedicated to spending a tremendous amount of cash, time and scalp cells, in order to have the straightest, relaxed hair, often coin those who decide to wear their natural hair as “ECCENTRIC” or “SOULFUL”. I’ve even overheard someone stating that we naturals are “getting back to our African roots”. Okay, understandable. Personally, I do not find that comment offending, being that my African roots deserved to be cherished and embraced. But despite this, I also cherish the percent of Caucasian and Native American blood that’s also running through my veins. Just because I decide to wear the hair the God has ordained to grow from my scalp, doesn’t make me any more “ETHNIC” or culturally endowed than the next person. On the other hand, I believe that some might would become offended at these perceptions, held by so many in our society. Regardless of race, most, if asked, would coin ‘natural hair’ as ‘eccentric’. I refuse to let others place me into a box or borders. I refuse to locked into what society says. Call me a REVOLUTIONARY!  I choose to just be called “NATURAL”

DFW Natural Hair Forum October 16, 2011

Calling all my ladies in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area! Are you thinking about transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair? Or are you currently a natural haired diva, seeking answers to questions about your hair? Are you needing answers to questions about your natural hair texture? Need help figuring out where to start, what products to use or fine tuning a natural hair regimen? Come to this years, Natural Hair Forum!

Featured Guest: Dr. Karana Fairley of Greater Southwest Medical Associates 
 Wellness and Life Coach
Natural Medicine
Chronic Disease Management
Weight Management
Wellness Exams
Detox Programs

They will journey down the culture and heritage of natural hair! I believe that great pearls of wisdom and insight will be given by Dr. Fairley as well as other highly knowledgeble women!

When: Sunday, October 16, 2011
Time: 3-5:30 p.m.
Location: Salon Delta Incorporated
4010 W 15th. Ste 60
Plano, TX 75093
Cost: $10.00

*Tickets may be purchased online at Salon or by calling 972.424.6110
If you’re in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area or in its surrounding area’s, put this date in your planner and come out and join numerous other ladies, just like yourself, get questions answered and more! I plan on attending, see you there!

Top 6 Ingredients For Homemade Deep Conditioning Treatments

Most people who have curly, kinky or coily hair suffer from dry, brittle hair. This is due to the structure of the curl strand, which makes it difficult for natural scalp oils to penetrate the hair shaft through traveling from the scalp. Though there are many quality and effective natural hair products, geared towards moisturizing and deep conditioning, most can run you over you monthly budget. Personally, I prefer making my own homemade deep conditioning treatmentswith ingredients that are usually accessible to me. Most of the time, products that can be found in one’s food pantry or refrigerator can be used. For those of us living on a budget, this can be a God-send!I’ve put together a list of what I would consider to be six(6) of the best ingredients for homemade deep conditioning treatments.

-Well known for its moisturizing properties, Avocado’s are rich in fatty acids, Vitamins Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and more. It has proven to be great at moisturizing dry, brittle hair, thus making it stronger, thicker and shinier.
-Eggs have been utilized throughout centuries as a fortifier and moisturizer. Rich in protein, eggs can help strengthen weak and or damaged hair. Being that protein is a vital component of hair, eggs is a must have in any deep conditioning regimen.

-Real mayo, such as “Hellman’s” is a great deep conditioner. It’s composed of vinegar, eggs and oil which all have been considered to be great moisturizers for all types of hair.

Coconut milk has been used in a variety of hair recipes, including hair recipes to stop hair loss and breakage. It contains high amounts of fatty acids and protein, which has proven to help elongate curls, making hair softer, more manageable and helps to improve its overall health.

-Oil has been used for thousands of years to improve luster, shine and the overall health and condition of skin and hair. There are numerous oils which are used for their distinctive qualities. Some are thick, while some are light. Most select their oil based on their individual hair needs. Carrier oils are widely used in hair care regimens for conditioning, spritz’s and sealing in moisture. My fav’s are Extra Virgin Olive Oil(EVOO) and EVCO(Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) Essential oils are also widely used.

-Honey is a natural humectant, meaning that it captures, stores and holds on to water molecules or reserves humidity and moisture from the air and other sources, making it great for dry or damaged hair. Spice up any of your homemade deep conditioning treatments or recipes this ingredient!

High Sock Bun Tutorial

I recently ran across this video and I must say, who knew that a regular sock bun could be high and cute at the same time. I am no particular fan of high buns(personal thing I guess) but after watching this video, I must really re-evaluate my opinion. Fusionofcultures made a easy, quick video that’s also simple enough for anyone to achieve this classic style, with a contemporary twist.

Love it!

Flat Twist w/HUGE Puff Tutorial!

PrettyDimples01 is one of my favorite youtube diva’s! She’s a beautician so she has a running start on most of us in regards to do-it-yourself natural styling. Most of her tutorials are fun and extremely cute!Here’s a great video on how to do front 2-strand flat twists with a back puff. The difference between this tutorial video and other puff video’s, the puff she uses is HUGE! A great protective style for any occasion, being that the puff that she uses is a beauty supply, store bought puff ponytail. Instead of using her own hair(which is long enough for a big puff), she uses an artificial, puff extension, in order to protective her natural hair. After watching this video, I ran to the store to buy my puff. Can’t wait to try this style on my hair…too cute! Continue reading

Natural Hair T-shirt Youtube GIVEAWAY!

I am a fan of so many knowledgeable natural hair diva’s and people are always giving away various items. You can see this through my weekly update email subscriptions. One of my favorite’s is “MissVCharles”. Her youtube channel specializes in all things oh “natural hair”. I received an update from her channel today and it showed a video of her weekly giveaway in honor of her Youtube channels 2-year birthday! Sponsored by Good Girls Luv Bee’ing, MissVcharles is giving away a free natural hair t-shirt to one of her subscribers. See the cool video below to find out more info.All you have to do is subscribe to her channel and state what color t-shirt you want. That’s it!

All you have to do is subscribe to her channel and state what color t-shirt you want. That’s it!