Flat Twist w/HUGE Puff Tutorial!

PrettyDimples01 is one of my favorite youtube diva’s! She’s a beautician so she has a running start on most of us in regards to do-it-yourself natural styling. Most of her tutorials are fun and extremely cute!Here’s a great video on how to do front 2-strand flat twists with a back puff. The difference between this tutorial video and other puff video’s, the puff she uses is HUGE! A great protective style for any occasion, being that the puff that she uses is a beauty supply, store bought puff ponytail. Instead of using her own hair(which is long enough for a big puff), she uses an artificial, puff extension, in order to protective her natural hair. After watching this video, I ran to the store to buy my puff. Can’t wait to try this style on my hair…too cute!Gigantic Puff tutorial-prettydimples01

Sorry guys, tried to embed the video and apparently, somethings happened and I can’t. Just go to the link and you will be able to view this video! Toodles!

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I am a Christian daughter of Yahweh, wife and mother of 4 of the most beautiful and awesome kids! I love the Lord Jesus and cherish each and every day He allows me to live and grow. I love taking care of my family, blogging, singing, writing and the word of God. This world is such an enormous place. I believe that just a little bit of laughter and light can transform our world into a place that brings glory to the Lord Most High. I enjoy finding out new ways to make my life and the lives of other women more efficient, economical and beautiful. I enjoy gaining godly wisdom in new area's. I love helping others to see the joy of all aspects of life and live the abundant life that Jesus came for them to life. I love ALL things natural...natural hair, healthy living & recipes, fitness, fashion and DIY projects and crafts. Learning to experience God's fullness in every area...spirit, soul and body, is my goal:)

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