The NAPPTURAL’s Creed!

A Napptural’s Creed
  • Napptural chic’s are fierce, bold and a FORCE to be wreckened with! Some might call us “REVOLUTIONARY“.Our hair texture is versatile, agile and fluid, making it one of the best kind of textures to have, in the WORLD! Love it, embrace it!
  • Natural hair is “UNIQUE” in that it can be styled a variety of ways. Your options are limitless. Some might try to lock “natural hair” into a box…..DON’T LET THEM! Do not believe the hype! Natural black hair(as well as other naturally curly hair types) can grow to LONG, LONG lengths.
  • Have confidence in who and HOW God created you to be. Embrace your natural hair and KNOW that it is beautiful. Others will sense and feed off of your self-esteem and confidence. This will help others around you, who might not agree or “feel” your natural hair, understand, feel, accept and start seeing it for what it truely is…BEAUTIFUL!
  • Refuse to “RELAPSE!” Coming from a previous “relapser”, refuse to give in to returning to relaxers or the “creamy crack”. Have a sound resolve within yourself to be dedicated and determined to grow your naturally, healthy hair. You’ll love yourself(and your hair will love you) for it!
  • Know that all hair is different. If you compare your hair to someone else’s, you will become frustrated. There are various hair types, lengths and textures and no one has the EXACT same hair. This is what makes us all uniquely different from one another.
  • Patience is the “holy grail” of natural hair culture. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed out over your hair or how its growing. Know that with applying proper methods and guess what..PATIENCE.. your hair will blossom into the best hair that you could imagine. Also, stress can word adversely against your hair. Stress can lead to thinning, damage and bald area’s within the scalp.
  • Lifestyle is critical. Having a healthy lifestyle means drinking plenty of WATER, eating a HEALTHY DIET, EXERCISING and MANAGING STRESS levels. All of these factors play an important role in growing long, healthy, natural hair. Remember: healthy hair begins on the INSIDE! One of the best ways that I reduce stress is by PRAYER & Mediation on the Scriptures! Can’t get enough of it!
  • Moisture, moisture and moisture! You’ve probably seen this fact repeated numerous times on natural hair sites and blogs but its SO true! Water loves your hair and natural hair LOVE’S WATER! Give your hair moisture through one of the best moisturizing agents known to man, WATER! You do not have to go spending hundreds of dollars on moisturizing products, you can opt for simple H20 and a sealant.
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About Beauty As Designed

I am a Christian daughter of Yahweh, wife and mother of 4 of the most beautiful and awesome kids! I love the Lord Jesus and cherish each and every day He allows me to live and grow. I love taking care of my family, blogging, singing, writing and the word of God. This world is such an enormous place. I believe that just a little bit of laughter and light can transform our world into a place that brings glory to the Lord Most High. I enjoy finding out new ways to make my life and the lives of other women more efficient, economical and beautiful. I enjoy gaining godly wisdom in new area's. I love helping others to see the joy of all aspects of life and live the abundant life that Jesus came for them to life. I love ALL things natural...natural hair, healthy living & recipes, fitness, fashion and DIY projects and crafts. Learning to experience God's fullness in every area...spirit, soul and body, is my goal:)

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