Stop the “X” Mas MADDNESS!!

I am about to rant and rave!! Yes! Yes! Christmas is “Christ” plus Mas, not XMAS!! That’s societies way of taking the “Christ” out of this holiday season.Truthfully, Christmas originally had nothing to do with Jesus Christs’ birthday! Yes I said it!! Biblical and historical scholars all agree that Jesus was not born on December 25. Instead, He was born either in the month of September or January, totally different from December 25. Also, the first church, including the Apostles, did not celebrate His birthday in a long list of holidays and festivals that they did observe.


Christmas did not actually become a well known “christian” holiday until after Emperor Constantine of Rome issued a proclamation demanding the citizens of Rome celebrate it. But it was definitely not celebrated in its pure sense. Emperor Constantine converted to Christianity while laying on his deathbed. His last wish was that his kingdom, Rome, become religiously unified. Understand that this kingdom had a diverse amount of various religions: Judaism, Christianity and Paganism. Constantine himself was a pagan who worshiped over 1000 gods prior to converting to Christianity. Although his true conversion is open for discussion, some do believe that he was sincere.

More importantly, in order to unify his long divided kingdom, Constantine decided to merge the pagan holiday “Winter Solstice” with the celebration of the Christian God “Jesus” birthday.  Constantine did not know Jesus’ real birthday but he was all too familiar with the celebration of Winter Solstice, being that he, his family and a vast majority of Rome had celebrated it amongst their hundreds of pagan holidays, since the beginning of this kingdom. He felt he had a brilliant idea. So the pagans and the Christians would now be happy and live in peace with one another. It was hard for the pagans at first to accept Christianity, their leaders new found religion but “besides, it can’t be any different from we worship, Winter Solstice, being that its on the same day!” That’s right!!!

I challenge you today to actually do an intense study on some of these holidays that are suppose to be HOLY days to the believers of Jesus. I am a fundamental Christian who research every holiday, prior to celebrating. Christmas, Easter and Halloween are some of the most demonic and pagan filled holidays to grace the planet. What does Santa Claus and Ornaments have to do with the birth of Christ. Most Christians believe that they are biblical based things and continue to partake of them because of tradition that has been passed down throughout the generations of the church. Truthfully, “Christ” has been taken out of the CHRISTMAS for years. Christmas is a catholic term, not a CHURCH term. The catholic church coined it CHRIST-MAS. Do a study on what Mas represents.  It literally means “service”, so we are stating “Christ-service”. Most have no idea of a MAS is or represents. Furthermore, being that we celebrate on a pagan holiday and not his true birthday, we are actually giving honor to a pagan god. Most are unaware of this fundamental fact. Ignorance does not condone one’s sin’s. So for this holiday season, consider all !!


Make sure that you are staying true to God, His Spirit and His word!! Let’s celebrate Jesus Christ this season and Him being the ultimate gift from God for us all. Let’s focus on helping others, including the imprisoned, the impoverished, the fatherless and the sick. This is what Jesus desires for us to do in His name to honor Him. It’s not about giving and getting gifts from others, its about the ultimate Gift our father in heaven gave to us…His only begotten Son!!! Yeshua!!

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I am a Christian daughter of Yahweh, wife and mother of 4 of the most beautiful and awesome kids! I love the Lord Jesus and cherish each and every day He allows me to live and grow. I love taking care of my family, blogging, singing, writing and the word of God. This world is such an enormous place. I believe that just a little bit of laughter and light can transform our world into a place that brings glory to the Lord Most High. I enjoy finding out new ways to make my life and the lives of other women more efficient, economical and beautiful. I enjoy gaining godly wisdom in new area's. I love helping others to see the joy of all aspects of life and live the abundant life that Jesus came for them to life. I love ALL things natural...natural hair, healthy living & recipes, fitness, fashion and DIY projects and crafts. Learning to experience God's fullness in every area...spirit, soul and body, is my goal:)

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