Little Things

I ran across this poem which shows the simplicity of life as we know and the Creator himself. Oh how GREAT is our God!

Beauty in broken things


Think of all those little things –

The things He didn’t have to make.

Each was crafted in its own exclusive mold:

Tiny caterpillars with stippled skin,

Golden freckles on a child’s cheek,

Delicate fossil, pearl or stone;

The elusive facets of a flower,

Or the varied tint of a thousand different eyes.


God didn’t have to create these slight details,

But He did.

He laid down each faultless touch for our pleasure;

And placed each little element of beauty to His world –

Hoping we’ll pause an instant in this busy life

To notice them.

~ Ilana Reimer

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About Beauty As Designed

I am a Christian daughter of Yahweh, wife and mother of 4 of the most beautiful and awesome kids! I love the Lord Jesus and cherish each and every day He allows me to live and grow. I love taking care of my family, blogging, singing, writing and the word of God. This world is such an enormous place. I believe that just a little bit of laughter and light can transform our world into a place that brings glory to the Lord Most High. I enjoy finding out new ways to make my life and the lives of other women more efficient, economical and beautiful. I enjoy gaining godly wisdom in new area's. I love helping others to see the joy of all aspects of life and live the abundant life that Jesus came for them to life. I love ALL things natural...natural hair, healthy living & recipes, fitness, fashion and DIY projects and crafts. Learning to experience God's fullness in every area...spirit, soul and body, is my goal:)

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