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My name is Nekiwa aka “HARVEST” of Bear My Cross Entertainment, Co-Founder of The Hand Of God Inc. and Co-founder of Beauty As Designed. My husband Marcus and I founded Beauty As Designed in 2008.  After years of being raised in the “religiosity” of the modern “church world”, I began to realize the superficiality of it. 

From vanity to vanity, more and more church ladies were becoming more “spirited” and less “spiritual”. I had noticed a shifting within myself to move into the vanity of “proper church attire, etiquette, programs, etc.” and away from the the Master’s fountain! I came in contact with numerous other women(Christian and non) from various age groups and backgrounds, who also lacked self-esteem, affirmation, boldness and more fundamental mainstays as I had. 

I began to do a deep self-assessment of my personal relationship with Christ and my spirituality, only to find that it was significantly lacking!! This revelation birthed a deep, heart-felt passion and desire to see other women and young ladies free from the chains and bondage of society, religion, culture, generational curses and more! I found that most of these afflictions were a direct result of various spiritual issues often suffered by billions of women worldwide. These “issues” often interfere with relationships and daily living.
My journey began with my spiritual growth which led to mental and physical growth….Spirit…Mind….Body. 
In regards to mind, I had to regenerate my mindset through a series of actions. With additional study, prayer and meditation, I also implemented various physical changes(hair, skin, health, diet, body). After years of living a superficial life, focused on how others in society viewed me, I decided to make a significant change(after finding out the truth!). This can be seen also through my hair journey.


My Spiritual Journey:

After accepting Christ and being baptized at age 5, I began to learn ‘how to be a Christian’. I went to church off and on throughout my upbringing but I was not taught how to be a true devoted disciple of the Lord Jesus, neither did I grow up having this modeled in front of me. After reaching adult hood, I was forced by the Lord to develop a working relationship with him that was not shallow or vain. I was no longer satisfied with a ‘I’ll call him when I’m in trouble’ relationship or ‘I’ll obey you as long as its convenient to me and my plans’ lifestyle. The Lord Jesus delivered me from so many situations and circumstances. I KNOW that He is real. I KNOW that the devil is real. Little did I know, God wanted to birth something in me that was not there before. He wanted me to grow and grow and continue to grow to unfathomable heights in Him. Of course these heights are non-conventional to what our society portrays today. He’s led me on a journey to becoming a ‘peaceful, gentle-spirited and submissive wife’. WOW! This entire concept was not foreign to me because of my religious upbringing but once I started seeking Him and His word entirely on this issue, I was blown away! My entire previous understanding of ‘submission’ was wrong and marred. I realized that I had been living in sin for mostly the entire term of my marriage. He began to show me that I WAS sinning even though I did not know that I was. Once I saw this, He continued to lead me on a journey to developing this characteristic of a godly wife within me and my heart. I am not where He desires for me to be in this area but I am growing. Each day, I’m learning to grow closer to Him and learning to lean on Him while he takes off the pieces of me that is not like Him.


My Hair and Natural Lifestyle Journey:

I relaxed or used “creamy crack” for years. My mother put my first chemical relaxer on at age 5. All that I knew of my hair was “straight hair”. I had no knowledge of my natural texture. After years of grueling chemical burns,scars, limp, fragile and brittle hair, I decided to try something different. In order to get different results, one must change their actions. I first attempted to go “natural” in 2003 when much information was not available online or in various media outlets. I used braid-outs and other methods to transition but had no real clue of how to care for my naturally curly, 4c kinky hair. I grew weary and frustrated. I knew that I had made the right decision but did not know how “stick it out”! 

With these issues along with the pressures of society, I re-relaxed my hair…one of the biggest mistakes that I have made. My hair returned to its ‘relaxed’ state which equaled to damage for my hair. After years of this, I grew tired of my hair again and remembered the thickness and strength of its natural state and decided to try it again. This time, I had an inner resolve to find out as much information as I could to make sure that I could properly take care of my natural hair the way God had intended for it to be.

In May of 2009, I relaxed my hair for the last time. After this, I continued to follow down an exciting path of inner and outer beauty, realizing that natural beauty could only be obtained through inner beauty. Also, I found that physical health, diet, appearance,etc., is limited if one uses chemically filled products. I also found that all-natural items work best at bringing out the full potential and enhancement of one’s outer beauty!! From foods to hair, we have everything that we need!



My Fitness Journey:

After giving birth to 4 children, in 2010 I decided to start living healthier. With this new lifestyle, fitness ultimately became an important part of it. I cleaned up my diet, drank enormous amounts of water and started exercising. I lost A LOT of weight during the process.

My fitness routine consisted of: 

  • Turbo Jam exercise 2 times a week-up to 1 hour per session
  • Jillian Michaels (30 min shred, Problem Zones, etc.) 3-4 times a week (up to 1 hour per session)
  • Following the Turbo Jam and Jillian Michaels meal plans
  • Drinking my body weight in ounces of distilled bottled water per day
  • Protein shakes every day after exercising

I saw a drastic change in the clarity of my skin and my energy levels. My overall ‘glow’ became brighter and healthier. Unfortunately, I began to make my new found ‘healthy lifestyle’ an idol for me. I started to neglect my personal time with the Lord. I began to put my exercise regimen at the top of my daily priority list so I had to re-prioritize. I went from exercising a minimum of 1 hour per day to casually exercising. I am now exercising casually with a maximum of 30 minutes per session. I no longer stick to a ‘strict’ diet weight loss eating menu but I eat healthy and moderately. I believe that moderation is key to living a long-lasting and consistent healthier lifestyle.

I currently live in Dallas/FT. Worth, TX with my husband and 4 children.

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