Healthy Hair & Scalp Cleansing Regimin for Moisture, Growth/Length/Fullness and Healthy Hair Retention

I ran across this video in my YouTube updates list and wow, it was very revelatory! I am always searching for new and more economical and efficient ways to make my hair healthier. With four children, I’m not always able to go through the tedious steps of my traditional natural hair wash day regimin. One of my favorite long haired natural YouTube chic is HeyFranHey and she has some of the most beautiful, healthy, natural hair I’ve ever seen. In her video below, she showcases her healthy hair and scalp cleansing regimin for maximum moisture retention, growth, length and fullness.


What does your healthy hair regimin consists of? What products do you use? How often do you use or apply them?


The BEAUTY of Grace!!

Not to sound “religious” in any kind of way but isn’t Grace beautiful? We live each day, each moment, each second where most of us, never stop to consider or enjoy the beauty of live and living, let along GRACE. What is Grace, as pertaining to God and the scripture? Contrary to popular belief, Grace and Mercy are definitely sister’s but different. Grace is used in a variety of cases in the bible where it the meaning varies. I want to talk to you today about grace in the facet of “unmerited pardon”.

In the New Testament, the Lord used the word “grace” to represent or define “unmerited pardon“. I’m OVERLY ecstatic today to talk to you guys about this because my family and I are living witnesses of God’s grace, love, mercy and more!

Let me provide you with some history and a written explanation of why I’m ecstatic today about the loving grace of God. Yesterday, my husband and I went to court, along with a few other young men, to go before the judge who will ultimately exonerate my husband and 3 others for a crime they were convicted of in 1995.This is phenomenal being that we all have suffered the implications and the shortfalls that often accompany a recorded felony conviction.

The ‘stigma’ that’s associated with it is devastating. It’s been 18 years since the incident and my husband stated that he thought that he was going to have to spend the rest of life living in the chains of the wrongful and erroneous blemish, until “one day.” “One day”, we received that call and the rest is history.Many of you might know and understand some of the calamities that come with a felony conviction on your record. Just imagine of you are innocent of this conviction and no one believes you? How would you feel about the justice or legal system? Would you have faith in it? Would you believe that is was “just?”

We received a call from the Texas Innocence Project which has devoted its mission to freeing innocently convicted victims, those incarcerated and not. Thankfully, must husband did not serve time in the pen as a result of this, he was sentenced to probation but the effects were non the less devastating. Due to this, he suffered from lack of employment, housing, prejudice and much more!

Of course some might say, “18 years is a long time, why did God make you wait that long for this?” We must know that God’s ways are not our ways. Technically, 18 years is not a long time being that Gods’ creation has been around for thousands, maybe millions of years. The bible states that a day is like a thousand of years to God. This is often hard to understand and perceive to us, fleshly, human beings, but with God, all things ARE possible. It’s “beauty” is indescribable. It’s hard to put it into words. Long story short, this testimony is a real-time example of the greatness and goodness of God’s grace. It’s simply beautiful because God will restore the years of your life that you thought you lost. Only He can do it!! So to Him, my family and I will be forever grateful.

The NAPPTURAL’s Creed!

A Napptural’s Creed
  • Napptural chic’s are fierce, bold and a FORCE to be wreckened with! Some might call us “REVOLUTIONARY“.Our hair texture is versatile, agile and fluid, making it one of the best kind of textures to have, in the WORLD! Love it, embrace it!
  • Natural hair is “UNIQUE” in that it can be styled a variety of ways. Your options are limitless. Some might try to lock “natural hair” into a box…..DON’T LET THEM! Do not believe the hype! Natural black hair(as well as other naturally curly hair types) can grow to LONG, LONG lengths.
  • Have confidence in who and HOW God created you to be. Embrace your natural hair and KNOW that it is beautiful. Others will sense and feed off of your self-esteem and confidence. This will help others around you, who might not agree or “feel” your natural hair, understand, feel, accept and start seeing it for what it truely is…BEAUTIFUL!
  • Refuse to “RELAPSE!” Coming from a previous “relapser”, refuse to give in to returning to relaxers or the “creamy crack”. Have a sound resolve within yourself to be dedicated and determined to grow your naturally, healthy hair. You’ll love yourself(and your hair will love you) for it!
  • Know that all hair is different. If you compare your hair to someone else’s, you will become frustrated. There are various hair types, lengths and textures and no one has the EXACT same hair. This is what makes us all uniquely different from one another.
  • Patience is the “holy grail” of natural hair culture. Don’t allow yourself to be stressed out over your hair or how its growing. Know that with applying proper methods and guess what..PATIENCE.. your hair will blossom into the best hair that you could imagine. Also, stress can word adversely against your hair. Stress can lead to thinning, damage and bald area’s within the scalp.
  • Lifestyle is critical. Having a healthy lifestyle means drinking plenty of WATER, eating a HEALTHY DIET, EXERCISING and MANAGING STRESS levels. All of these factors play an important role in growing long, healthy, natural hair. Remember: healthy hair begins on the INSIDE! One of the best ways that I reduce stress is by PRAYER & Mediation on the Scriptures! Can’t get enough of it!
  • Moisture, moisture and moisture! You’ve probably seen this fact repeated numerous times on natural hair sites and blogs but its SO true! Water loves your hair and natural hair LOVE’S WATER! Give your hair moisture through one of the best moisturizing agents known to man, WATER! You do not have to go spending hundreds of dollars on moisturizing products, you can opt for simple H20 and a sealant.

Whipped Shea Butter Recipe For Hair And Dry Skin

Here’s a great whipped shea butter recipe for hair and extremely dry skin! This is one of my staple recipes that I exclusively use to get moisturized, full, twist outsand braid outs. It has just the right amount of hold for twist, twist outs, etc. and also the right amount of moisture.

Recipe For Whipped Shea Butterbatter
1 cup of raw, unrefined shea butter(this is best due to its large amount of nutrients!)
1/3 cup of aloe vera gel
2 tb evco(extra virgin coconut oil)
1 tb jojoba oil
1 tb castor oil
Directions: Let shea butter reach room temp. While using a hand blender or mixer, slowing blend shea butter to desired consistency. Then, gradually add additional ingredients. Store in a light container with lid in a cool place.

Moisturizing Recipe For Whipped Shea Butter

Moisture is what natural or naturally curly hair craves! It helps to flatten the cuticle of the hair shaft, assisting in growth retention and health. This is especially the case in kinkier hair types, such as mines. Since I’ve had natural hair, I’ve tried a couple of great recipe’s that I’ve found online. None worked exactly right for my hair, so I experienced until I found a great recipe for whipped shea butter, which also gives enhanced moisturizing properties for my kinky, coily 4b-c hair, so its a great whipped Shea butter recipe for hair and or skin. A great everyday hair moisturizer recipe!

Whipped Shea Butter Recipe For Hair
1 cup of raw, unrefined Shea butter(this is the best being that its in its most natural, purest state!)
1/2 cup of Aloe Vera gel(whole leaf preferably)
1 tb Castor oil
1 tb Jojoba oil
2 tb Coconut oil

Directions: Let Shea butter reach room temp, slowing blend with a hand mixer or blender, gradually adding aloe vera, castor oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil. After all is blended well, store in a clear container in a cool location or refrigerator. Note: this mixture has a tendency to hardened once cooled.
Keep it simple! If you only have one of the carrier oils listed above, use 4 tb of it, use what you have at your disposal. Natural hair and living is meant to be simple, so keep it simple sister(k.i.s.s.)!

Natural Hair Care: KEYS TO SUCCESS!!

Growing your natural hair can be very overwhelming and at times, FRUSTRATING!! I understand the initial woe’s, oh too well. On the other hand, success can be achieved. A head full of natural, healthy hair can be obtained. Here is a short list of keys to obtaining the success you seek. Have fun, enjoy and relax!

1. Understand Your Hair

Everyone’s hair and hair type is different. Naturally curly hair range from type 2 to type 4(with subcategories in between). There are numerous natural hair type charts available to help you understand and find your hair type. Once you get to know and understand your hair and how it reacts, you’ll be better equipped in knowing how to properly care and grow it!.

2. Take Proper Care Of Your Hair

Taking proper care of your hair involves various things, but one of the most important things is washing it. Curly hair tends to collect dirt, oils and grime, much more often than straight hair. Your hair LOVE’S water and water LOVE’S your hair! In addition to getting your hair clean, water also acts as a natural moisturizer. Moisture is very important to retaining length for natural hair. You might have been told that “black hair don’t need washing on a regular basis”, this is false! Washing your scalp and hair helps to remove buildup which can lead to breakage or even bacterial infections of the scalp! Experts(and I also) recommend that naturally curlies use sulfate-free shampoo and focus primarily on the scalp when washing.

3. Exercise, Water & Diet

I’ve personally seen a significant difference in my hair texture, strength and growth since I began exercising, drinking 10 glasses of water per day and eating healthy. Vitamin’s, supplements, water, diet and exercise, are key elements to increasing health, which leads to increase hair growth. A healthy inside leads to a healthy outside(skin, nails, hair and body). Eggs are great! Eggs carry protein and keratin which can increase elasticity and strength. Also, Zinc, Vitamin A,C,D and E are needed. Biotin, Zinc and Fiber can be obtained from Beans and Lentils. Dark green vegetables provide Vitamin B12, A and C, Iron and more! Omega 3 Fatty Acids can be found in various fish, including Salmon, Tilapia and Trout. Eating a well balanced diet, drinking at least 10 glasses of water per day, supplements, vitamins and exercise are very important keys to obtaining healthy hair.

4. Find A Regimen

Finding a regimen that works, takes patience. In order to find out what works for your hair and or a regimen, documenting everything is critical. Document what products and or techniques used, what worked and didn’t work. Also, video’s, pictures, notes, recipes, etc. could prove to be beneficial to your finding a great regimen for your hair. It’s OK to experiment with difference things! See my regimen.

5.  Condition & Moisturize

A very important aspect to maintaining and growing naturally healthy hair, is proper conditioning and moisturizing. Naturally curly, coily, kinky hair, tends to be extremely dry due to the lack of sebum scalp oils, able to reach the ends of the hair shaft. In order to prevent breakage, natural hair must be conditioned and deep conditioned on a regular basis(preferably after each washing). In addition to conditioning, moisturizing daily is as important(depending on style and hair). By moisturizing on a regular, consistent basis, natural black hair can retain moisture, thus retain length.

6. Style To Protect The Ends

Most naturals swear by protective styling. The ends are dead! That’s right, dead! Because they are dead, they are prone to splitting and breakage. In order to maintain healthy hair and retain length, natural hair should be LEFT ALONE! Wearing protective styling(styles that protect the ends of the hair) can help to improve the overall health of the hair. Natural hair is better LEFT ALONE! Have you noticed how long dreads grow? Have you wondered why other styles and relaxed styles seem limited in growth? This is due to the fact that dreads is a protective style. Other protective styles include: buns, twists, cornrows, extensions, sew-ins, french rolls, box braids, individuals braids, kinky twists, flat twists, finger coils and more!

7. Dust Vs. Trim?

Keeping split ends at bay is PRICELESS! If the ends of the hair shaft is able to split, this can lead to further breakage up the hair shaft. If breakage occurs, you might end up paying a trip to the salon for a major cut! Some have stated that “natural hair don’t require trims”. This is far from the truth! Although the timing of when trims are needed, varies per individual hair types, hair, etc., the need is still prevalent. Fairy knots, tangles and more, are a direct result of untamed, untrimmed ENDS! Dusting is typically the cutting of approximately 1/8 of an inch of hair off the ends. A trim could be 1/4 of an inch up to 1 inch, depending on the condition of the hair. Study the ends of your to determine if knots or split ends are present to see if you need a trim or a good dusting. Also, trim as needed. This could be every 4-6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months or year.

8. Get Some Patience In Your Life!

Patience is of a great virtue! With trying to grow natural hair, patience is just as important as the other keys mentioned above, especially if transitioning. Patience can be the underlying factor to having a fun, exciting natural hair care journey or a stressful, frustrating and depressing one. Understanding that all hair is different and grows at a different rate, can help you to understand the need for patience, realizing that your hair will grow, with proper care. Enjoy all that your natural hair care journey will bring. The good times and the bad, the mishaps as well as the accomplishments!

Is YOUR Mane Tamed?

Is your Mane or ‘hair’ tamed? Fly away hair, frizzed fried hair and ultimately unruly hair? I fact is that mine is definitely UNTAMED! I have natural, black or African-American hair and it’s very dry, dull and course, in its natural state. They categorize our hair by types(depending on its curl pattern). The ‘curlier’ or ‘nappier’ the strand is, the more courser it is. My is a mixture between 4 and 4c, which is somewhere towards the ‘curlier’ or courser hair.

Every race of people have this type of hair in their alignment of ‘hair categories’. Each group of nationalities also have what mite be considered good and bad attributes, about their natural hair. One negative for me and my hair is that it is often ‘untamed’ and unruly, which sometimes require a strict regime to ‘tame’ it. Other women of color might have different views or opinions regarding this and their hair. But guess what, I LOVE MY HAIR!!

Though it often takes discipline to, stick it out and not revert back to chemicals, such as the ‘RELAXER’.
I’m learning how to embrace and nurture my natural hair. Besides, its the only hair I have. I have to take care of it. If you take care of your hair, your hair will take care of you! There are tremendous amounts of information on hair care, maintenance and routines available. A oil that has been used for centuries on unruly hair is Avocado Oil. Regardless of your race, ethnicity or nationality, your hair can healthy, nurtured, tamed and not unruly.

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