Healthy Hair & Scalp Cleansing Regimin for Moisture, Growth/Length/Fullness and Healthy Hair Retention

I ran across this video in my YouTube updates list and wow, it was very revelatory! I am always searching for new and more economical and efficient ways to make my hair healthier. With four children, I’m not always able to go through the tedious steps of my traditional natural hair wash day regimin. One of my favorite long haired natural YouTube chic is HeyFranHey and she has some of the most beautiful, healthy, natural hair I’ve ever seen. In her video below, she showcases her healthy hair and scalp cleansing regimin for maximum moisture retention, growth, length and fullness.


What does your healthy hair regimin consists of? What products do you use? How often do you use or apply them?


Top Natural Hair Tools For Budgeting Curlies!

As the bible says, “no man goes to war without first counting up the cost”, likewise, no one goes to war without first preparing. For example, I would be very hesitant to hire a plumber who showed up at my residence without the tools needed to fix my leaky pipes. This is the same with maintaining and growing healthy hair, especially natural hair. Natural hair needs love and care. To prevent frustration and disappointment, and make your natural hair journey smooth and easy, obtain these tools while sticking to your BUDGET!  Note: I am a very frugal girl!

1. Finger‘s-some might not agree but one of best tools is connected to your body…..your FINGERS!! Your fingers will do wonders for styling, detangling and more. Finger comb your hair before combing or using another detangling tool. Its often hard to feel small tangles and knots with a comb. Prior to finger combing, make sure your finger nails are smooth and edge-free. When fingering combing, you can remove shed hair, tangles and knots. This will make your detangling session so much easier.

2. Seamless Wide-tooth Comb– A seamless wide-tooth comb is recommended because it lacks the ridges and edges that could ripe and damage natural hair. You can obtain one fairly reasonable from any beauty supply, grocery or drug store. I believe I paid $2 for my from my local Dollar General. Many natural curlies swear by this. I usually use this (after finger combing and detangling) when detangling. Make sure that your hair is damp and has a conditioner or moisturizing agent with a whole lot of slip when detangling. I use Suave Naturals or VO5. You can use any cheapie conditioner like the one’s that I mentioned. They ran me around $1.


3. Hair Clips– There are numerous brands to choose from. These little wonders is great for sectioning hair into small or large sections. Sectioning natural hair helps when washing, conditioning and or styling. If your hair shorter, they might not be needed. But for longer hair, its a must-have.They help keep hair, whether damp or dry, out of the way while manipulating another section. I bought a pack of  6 I believe and paid $3 for them. I use them for everything pertaining to washing, conditioning, detangling and styling my hair.

4. Soft Bristle Boar Brush– Do not use brushes that have plastic or nylon teeth. They can tear your hair and damage the shaft. Boar bristle brushes are recommended because they help to distribute the natural hair oils from your scalp and product throughout your stresses.


5. Ouchless or Elastic Pony-tail Holder(METAL FREE)– Use only elastic bands or Ouchless pony-tail holders because the one’s with metal parts can severely rip, damage and break your hair. Those with metal parts can also tangle your hair, making detangling hard. Also, they’re great for styling buns. You can buy them in various brands and the price fluctuates. I bought a pack from my local beauty supply for $1.00 and there were 20 in the pack.You can use these in styling sessions and detangling session to section or style.

6. Satin Scarf, Wrap, Pillowcase and/or Bonnet-Use this for night-time hair preservation. Cotton scarfs and pillowcases remove the moisture from natural hair which can lead to dry, brittle, broke hair or breakage! Satin and even silk items help natural hair retain moisture.


7. Bobby Pins-Bobby Pins are a mainstay in many natural hair regimens, including mines. I use them for styling purposes. Make sure that the ends of the pins are secure because if the edges are raised, they can snag, rip and damage your hair. If you notice that the ends have been damaged, throw it away! This doesn’t happen too often but it does occur.Also, remove them carefully. Sometimes if the edges are ripped, removing fast or harshly can damage the hair. Open them as much as possible prior to removing. I bought a pack of 100 and paid around $2 for them. I use them to secure or tie hair down in styles such as buns, twists, updo’s and others.


8. Barrettes, Metal/Comb-free Headbands, Elastic Headbands and other accessories-Use these to add a little “spice” to your do! Natural hair is beautiful but sometimes we want to change it up a little and I’ve found the best way to ‘colorize’ your hair is with accessories. Be careful to use only accessories that are gentle on natural hair. Elastic headbands are great because unlike headbands with metal, they protect the hair while making it look cute. Headbands with metal and combs can damage the hair by tangling, ripping, snagging and breaking the hair. They’re many types of quality decor that you can purchase while living on a budget. I usually won’t spend more than $3.00 on headband or barrette. Confession: I will spend a little more on a flower clip, cap, hat, scarf or any other item that I feel is the “bomb”!

9. Spray Bottle-This last item is negotiable for some although it is a mainstay in my tools of the trade baggie. I use an 8 oz. spray bottle to mix various concoctions an recipes. I use it to make my homemade moisturizing spritz and other items. I also use it on wash day and other detangling/styling sessions. It’s great!


If you have a favorite tool or product that you can’t dream of living without, let us know!!